Sakshat Microwave Virtual Lab!

The Virtual Microwave laboratory is a MHRD funded project under NMEICT mission that provides simulated microwave instrumentation for students at remote locations as a part of Sakshat Virtual Laboratory. This site provides a platform for real experience through simulation experiments to a distant student from Microwave Physics group, Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra. The virtual microwave laboratory offers the following support to its remote students:

  • Step by step instructions
  • Simulations and multimedia experiences
  • Better use of software
  • Awareness building on handling of mistakes

Featured Experiments!

  • Design & Analysis of Half Wavelength Linear Resonator

    Microstrip linear resonator is an open transmission line that supports a sanding wave at a frequency for which the length of...

  • Design, analysis & measurement of microstrip line

    Theory: Microstrip line is one of the most popular types of planar transmission line, preliminary because it can be fabricat...

  • Design and analysis of slot line resonator at 1.5

    Introduction: A slot line structure is a planar structure. It consists of a dielectric substrate, in which a slot is etched ...

  • Design and Characterisation of Coplanar Waveguide

    A representation of coplanar waveguide is shown in figure1. At first glance, it resembles microstrip construction. It ...

  • Design and Characterisation of Strip Line

    Stripline is a


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